Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camping and/or Lodging


So, for those of you that live nearby or any of you that might be able bring camping gear, there will be plenty of room for tents on the property.  We are going to section off a "camp ground" specifically for it.  You may want to come a little early to set up your tent or you could do so right after the ceremony (just make sure you do it before it gets dark!). 

There are also plenty of hotel options within 4 miles of the farm.  The farm is located just a few miles from I-20, and there are lots of small, affordable hotels right at the interstate--not to mention a Waffle House...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Info


We'll be posting information about lodging near the wedding site (Madison, GA), although we also want to let folks know that there will be plenty of room for camping if you're able to bring a tent, etc.

We just really don't want anyone to have to drive if that's not necessary. There are, however, several hotels within 4 miles of the farm where the wedding is going to be held. We'll post that information soon.

If any of you out-of-state-ers have any questions or need assistance planning your trip, please feel free to ask questions here or just give one of us a call.